Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Homeless & Happy: A documentary of Regina's Life.

This is a documentary of a homeless woman named Regina.  Regina attended a prestigious private school for women, Agnes Scott, where she obtained her degree in English. She then became an editor and was married to a math teacher from Wesleyan College, where I attended. After a traumatizing divorce she became depressed and thus turned to alcohol for comfort, as many hurting people do. This then landed her on the streets after many years of depression and battling addiction. She believes that those who are not on the streets take life for granted and focus too highly on the monetary value of possessions and relationships thus losing sight of the simple things in life. Regina is homeless and she is happy with her life.

She does not fit the stereotype of most homeless.  Most would be called dirty, dingy, unorganized, and unhappy. As you look through the pictures I have posted you will see some pictures of an area in disarray. This is a comparison of how what they call the "mouth wash people" live compared to the images you will see of how she lives. The mouth wash people beg for money and drink mouth wash for the alcohol content. Regina does not beg for money, she collects cans and exchanges them for money. She also finds change along the ground. She is still an alcoholic and was ashamed for me to discover this they way I did. I  came upon her one day and she saw me at the last minute. She pushed her large beer can aside and gave me a look of knowing disappointment in herself. I told her that I was not there to judge her and that I would never.

Compared to the mouth wash people she lives an organized, humble life. Shelving is organized, cot neatly made, laundry hung to dry, and a bucket used for waste. Regina lives much differently than what would be considered the 'norm' for those who are homeless.  I assure you she is homeless and happy and urges us to take a walk in her shoes, enjoying the simplicity of life and the outdoors. Please pay close attention to the picture where Regina is looking into the camera by the water shooting from the ground. 

Notice the sincere smile on her face and love of life just as it is.

"A certain simplicity of living is usually necessary to happiness."

   - Henry D. Chapin

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